Select Your Acoustic Journey

Sine Wave Oscilattor OFF
Frequency 440 Hz
Square Wave Oscilattor OFF
Frequency 880 Hz
Triangle Wave Oscilattor OFF
Frequency 1760 Hz

Music Elements
Kick ON
Bass ON
Topper ON
Melody ON
Low Pass Filter OFF
Frequency 12000 Hz
High Pass Filter OFF
Frequency 20 Hz
Band Pass Filter OFF
Frequency 1200 Hz

Master Gain
Camera Controls

Osmosis is an interative spectrogram visualization tool for you to tinker with electronic music and see how your tinkering is reflected on the 3D spectrogram.
The spectrogram displays audio frequencies from 20Hz to around 12000Hz (bottom to top), and uses height (3D depth) to illustrate the amplitude of the audio signal.
Audio Generation
The "GENERATE" tab gives you the options to choose from different audio sources and elements. Oscilattor could be used as an audio source, or different parts of music.
Audio Filtering
The "FILTERING" tab gives you a couple of audio signal filters like High-pass or Low-pass filter to process audio, and you can see such changes reflected in the spectrogram visualization.
Camera Control
Mouse-left to rotate spectrogram, mouse-right to move spectrogram. Mouse-wheel to zoom in and out.
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